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Mortgage lending

Today mortgage loan is perhaps one of the most common ways of buying an apartment. So, what you need to do to get credit: First you need to find out the program that will be beneficial to repay the debt. But first, you need to study local banks, as in every organization suggestions. To pay a visit to a Bank branch and ask what the necessary documents (passport, 2 personal income tax - the income statement and so on) to complete the questionnaire and apply for the loan. But to find this information on their official website or by phone of a hot line. Fill out the form and give it to the Bank specialist. Now we need to exercise restraint and punctuality, the test takes less than a day, and somewhere 3 days. But you need to keep in mind that the Bank will thoroughly check all the information that they are given. Therefore, you need to write only truthful information, by the way, some banking institutions put these consumers in your black list, and it does not matter how he repaid the loans earlier. Yes, getting money and buying long-awaited housing. Anti-crisis measures allowed banks to solve their problems with not enough liquidity. Then they added the problem of falling demand for loans and the poor quality of customers. It came to the point that the development of effective measures to maintain a high level of lending have been on the agenda of the government meeting. It is expected that the White house will target banks on lending to the basic sectors of the economy. Credit volume of banks is growing due to the poor quality of loans. This means that the deteriorating quality of loans. Experts say the decline in lending and the deterioration of the banks balance sheets. The weakening of fiscal and monetary policies may increase the rate of inflation. In terms of inflated $ rates to work in business especially hard. They scare borrowers and the government need to intensify the loans. Compromise is seen in the equation of risk and underwriting lenders. Recently actively promoted the earnings in Forex. However, the beginner is always faced with many problems and pitfalls that may prevent them from achieving success. In conclusion, it should also be noted that it is not necessary to take into account recent Bank branches, as these can be scams, and besides they have no reputation


Buying an apartment with the help of a mortgage, a person can become the owner of the home. However, his rights as owner are limited because this space is the key. The debtor has the right to register their family members, and bequeath. But you should remember that the heir will not only get the square footage, but your obligations.